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"Flamenco is a musical expression which draws inspiration from all corners of the world."


Eitan's greatest passion is the making of Flamenco guitars in which he captures the true essence of the "Duende Flamenco" 


As a professional guitarist and musician, Eitan builds guitars with a first hand, unique understanding of what a player needs. With a background rich in different musical streams, he has a broad grasp of sound, encompassing genres of east and west.


In 2003 Eitan entered the Tel Aviv renowned workshop "Guitarkol" as an apprentice. 

studying the different traditions of guitar making and repairing buy the methods of "LA Strings" London.

after his first taste of  luthiery started a journey which led him to Spain in search of the roots of the guitar.


After five years of hard work alongside Maestro Rafael Romero in San Fernando de Cadiz, Spain, Eitan felt he had touched the core of the true Flamenco sound and had decided to go back home and start developing his own sound.


Since 2009, Eitan has been working independently from his workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel.

His main focus has been perfecting his art of making the highest quality traditional Flamenco and classical guitars,and developing modern models aimed at different accents for the modern fusion guitarists necessities in addition he has a number of custom designed, modern instruments, including his version of the 5 string Archtop Benavent style Flamenco Bass  and a 7 string Flamenco cutway. Eitan has built guitars for world renowned innovative musicians such as Flamenco Jazz prodigy Rycardo Moreno, Flamenco/Middle Eastern guitarist and composer Itamar Erez, and many more.(Check out                page)


Eitan believes that a new ethnic sound is emerging from Israel that expresses a young country's development in forming its own identity. Much similar to the history of Andalusia, the motherland of Flamenco, Israel too is a melting pot of colorful traditions and cultures, flavors and music, from which Eitan draws inspiration for his guitars.

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