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"Jazzmenca" Negra

This model is a combination of my own roots as an electric guitar player, along with years of research and development from working with musicians who had certain needs they were looking to meet. The result is a hybrid cutaway model that draws from the worlds of Jazz guitars and traditional nylon string guitars.

The Jazzmenca model features a choice of either a venetian or florentine cutaway and an ergonomic/indented heel for enhanced comfort and playability.

The idea was to adjust/adapt the traditions of the Flamenco guitar to cater to musicians who also perform music from other genres such as Jazz and world/ethnic music - players who need access to the higher frets but do not want to compromise on quality, warmth, or depth of sound.

Standard specs:

(custom options are available)

Scale: 660 mm

Nut width: 52 mm 

String spacing at bridge: 56 mm

Neck thickness:

Fret 1 - 21 mm

Fret 9 - 22 mm

"Jazzmenca" Blanca
"Jazzmenca" 7 String
Custom "Jazzmenca" 
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